Saturday, September 5, 2009


Now that football season has started, cheer on your favorite team with a team shirt! Also, support your school with a school shirt! Below are children's and adult's tees with team and school logos/colors on them! I am in the process of making some team shirts for the following schools: MSU Bulldogs, USM Eagles, UCS Flames...check back soon for updated pics!
Megaphone...can be made to coordinate with any school colors. Have your child's name monogrammed on the megaphone or your favorite team slogan (i.e. GO DAWGS, REBELS, COUGARS, BULLDOGS, FLAMES...)
FOOTBALL: same as above...can be made to coordinate with any school colors and can say whatever!

MSU colors
OLE MISS colors
COUGARS tee...these colors match the Northwest Rankin colors, but I can coordiate it to go with any school colors!
Tank Top
Here is my cute model wearing her "nwr" (Northwest Rankin) tee to support her Cougars on game day!
NWR tank top
These shirts were made for the teachers to wear to school on Casual Fridays! Order a shirt made to support your school!

Adult Ole Miss tee
Baseball onesie (FRONT)
These shirts were made for my friend Cindy for her girls to wear! Cindy's cousin, Brent Leach, pitches for the LA Dodgers! She wanted shirts for her girls to wear to support Brent and cheer him on!

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